Differentia Office Lady

My pleasure to be interviewed by METRO POP sharing my experience on styling to be a differentia office lady - OL.

From my point of view, there is a dressing format of different office work, which mostly is a set of suit, black and white, tidy and smart however boring. How would you dress to stand out you very personal style and jump out of the box?

I would suggest the OL to goes with some minimalist accessories such as scarf, earring, handbag or even footwear that in your signature color. This is an quite easy way to show your personality. For boys, i would suggest to carry a bit color or pattern on the packet square or bow tie to light up the funky office look. 

Besides, we talk about layering and cutting. Slim cut is very popular in the market nowadays, which is not only showing the body shape but also the attitude. A slim cut short blazer matching with a long vest and wild pants, it is exactly the model classic match and flashing the eye with layering.....

For further information, please feel free to drop me an email or get the Issue485 Metro Pop.

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