''You can never be replaced'' 

This is my description of my ' BLACK' items. It is just so convenient to do mix and match and the main point is ''Easy to carry''. We all have different time to do different thing, we have such a hard working time, we have such a crazy fun moment and of course we do have a lazy period. For no reason why I just wanna be lazy for everything when the moment has arrived my door. However, I have got my ''easy way'' to be stylish under the lazy atmosphere.

I find my jumpsuits and that is it!! Skipping quite a lot of time of searching different pieces and also jumpsuits is an item could easily goes with trainers or wedges which make you proportionally look taller. Get your stylish look in 5, you can simply grab a hand bag and go now!!

Besides, I would like to share you guys an exciting news. I found my wardrobe +REVOLVE  is on Summer exclusive SALE now for limited time till the 27th May, Simply put the code [ REVOLVEME ] at check out, you can get up to 25% off per purchase!! What is more excited is they lovely offered DHL express shipping to HONGKONG for Free!!!!!! Act now sisters. Click>>>  HERE TO KNOW MORE about this SALE. You can also click my labeling below for direct link to my wardrobe <3

對於我來說永遠無法取代的顏色就是「黑」。它帶有一種神秘的力量,能夠容易配合不同單品!更重要的是它能讓任何人駕而我最特別想「它」的時候就是感覺懶惰的時候了, 不過感覺懶惰並不代表造型懶惰,我就有一個快速時尚變法要分享一下!


另外我還有一個好消息要跟大家分享一下,就是我的私家衣櫥 - 美國網上購物平台REVOLVE CLOTHING 現正進行炎夏大減價!只限三天,到27日為止!更興奮的是,REVOLVE為香港的我們提供免費DHL快運,把握時間! 最高優惠有75折喔!詳情可參閱👉🏻 HERE 或按以下於 I WAS WEARING 的品牌連結吧。

HAT: Kangol 
WEDGES: Raye Wedges
SCARF: Shanghai Tang 
RINGS: Yves Saint Laurent

Photography : Daniel Druziki
Instagram: Elmaliconvé
Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger
 Facebook :>>>Elma Li Convé


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