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It was such a nice trip to Shanghai for exploring this beautiful city with the American chic !! Some of you may know has already launched in Asia as mentioned in my pervious posts.  It such a caring online shop provide shipping services all over the world and occasionally providing free express services for Hong Kong, China, TaiWan and Macau, you may receive the order in 2-3 days the fastest!! However what is more excited then that?? I believe no one can wait a minute longer to meet the American team who flew all the way from Los Angeles to Shanghai !! And also I have met all the Revolves' label in once. How wonderful experience this trip has bought me.

Shanghai is doing as much as you can imagine. It has become a very modern and international city combining the Shanghaiese tradition and the foreign culture. Specially the area I was staying during this trip, where located in downtown shanghai, in between Huangpu area and jing'an area. If you want to experience the whole new face of Shanghai, you should visit this area. You may also getting a lot of inspiration from those surrounding living attitude. +REVOLVE

雖然我的經常住處離上海不遠,只是約2小時的機程,但這次上海之旅正正是我第一次到訪這個摩登的城市。此行除了體驗這個文化城市外同時亦為慶祝我早前推介過的時尚網購網站 正式登陸中國大陸。一連串的活動中讓我可以一次過預覽所有revolve的自家品牌。有一點不得不提的是其實網站不時會特別為中國地區,香港,台灣及澳門等地提供免費的快遞服務!最快2-3天就可以收到包裹!不過比這貼心服務更令人興奮的消息是美國revolve team由洛杉磯直飛上海,真是不枉此行!

參與時尚活動外我亦爭取時間去看看這個現代化的城市,它給我的感覺就是富外國文化又不上海傳統的一個都市。特別是我居住的地區正正在上海市中心,當地人稱之為上海down town -黃浦區及靜安區之間。隨便走走看看都可能找到一些有特色的建築,亦有很多小店酒吧,若你想要感受一下全新一面的上海,不要錯過以上提及的區域。因為你可能隨時找到一些生活的啟發吧!

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