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Romantic Voyager

A great escape - passionate adventurer - collecting moments - spontaneous journey - curious spirit

All of these are the key elements of Chloé FW16 , let's get the elegant adventure begin!
Fall is now full of colors. How can you imagine femininity combine masculine? I totally adored to Chloé FW2016 collection which make me full of power and let me got to know how to keep updating with the primary concept, maintaining the signature flared silhouette of the design. And the collection is inspired by the figurative painting and decadent spaces designed by the Ballets Russes collaborator Leon Bakst.

I found it specially colorful in this fall winter of Chloé. Those floating details and ruffles increase a lot of my curiosity of each design. It has made such a big contrast between the romanticism and the nomadic by combining colors and material.

The iconic items that always impressed me are Drew and Faye bags, both are updated with patchwork geometries of suede and python, shearling stripes and carpet textures in this season. Those colorful accessories are perfect to stand out your look in the grey winter.

Video is coming in process. Wanna check out Chloé FW16 in details, you won't miss it!!



以上這些都是Chloé 16秋冬的關鍵要素,讓我們開始優雅的冒險旅程吧!
現在的秋天是充滿色彩的。你會怎樣想像氣質女性結合陽剛的味道?我越來越被Chloe 的作品吸引到, 2016秋冬 collection 讓我充滿力量,讓我知道如何在設計的主概念上不停更新,保持 Chloé Signature 喇叭形設計的剪裁 系列是由<劇夢芭蕾>的服裝設計師 Leon Bakst 的畫作和浮誇埸景設計取靈感!

我發現Chloen這個秋冬特別豐富多彩。那些漂的細節和褶邊讓我對每一個設計增加了好奇心。通過顏色和材料 Mix and Match 製成的浪漫主義和闖蕩精神之間形成大的對比

標誌性高的 Drew Bag 和 Faye Bag 總是給我留下深刻的印象,今季就在原有的設計上加上新原素,為倆者添上更色彩的 Patchwork, 亦配上不同物料的幾何設計,最特別的莫過於是以地毯布料作的單品吧。那些五顏六色的配件易地讓您在灰色的冬天裡脫穎而出。

My another pick of the season - all in one, Lexa.

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